Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Different Kind of Growth

I’m often one who doesn’t really see the growth that’s happening in my life until someone tells me. Recently I had a conversation to that extent.

“It’s a different kind of growth,” said one of my friends over the phone the other day. From over a thousand miles away, she could see the changes happening in my life – while I, standing right beside myself, could not even get a glimpse of it.

There’s something to be said about the transition you go through when you leave an atmosphere drenched in the things of the Lord in small town Texas to urban America. And yet, I often cannot find the words to express what that transition feels like. I suppose it is different for everyone.

For me, I’ve found myself dry and disappointed with my spiritual life. The reality that I’m not in a spiritual incubator anymore has been quite startling at times. Growth came so quickly during my time at Teen Mania, that when I look at my life now, I feel as though nothing whatsoever is happening. So disappointment sets in as all I see in myself is failure.

That’s the place the devil wants us – unsure of our faith, feeling weak and worthless. Yet, he doesn’t realize that in those times the Lord can teach us the most. Because I don’t have it all together, I can find strength in the One who does. We must cling to the truth of God's Word!

It’s not about how fast you think you’re growing in the Lord anyways. Regardless of where you’re at—sitting under a torrent of spiritual teaching each week or hearing only one sermon on Sunday mornings at church, there’s growth to be had.

If you truly think about it, how much “food” you’ve got before doesn’t matter. Just think about the story Jesus told of the wise and foolish builders. One built his house on a rock and was able to ride out any kind of weather. The other built his house on the sand and found his house completely destroyed after the first flood that came his way. This parable wasn’t instructing us on where we should build our houses though. Jesus clearly stated that the one who heard His words and acted on them was counted as a wise builder. The foolish man heard the same things, but walked away unaltered by the power of what was said.

So whatever circumstance you find yourself in today let the Word of God change you. I assure you, if you desire transformation, you’ll get it – regardless if you see it right away or not.
Scripture References: Luke 6:46-49; Isaiah 40:29-31