Friday, July 3, 2009

Inspired By Birds & Flowers: meditations on Matthew 6

Like the birds of the air
Like the flowers of the field
Fear will never seize me
Of whether I'll live or be killed

My provision comes from above
It's source is solely Love

I won't store up or strive
In order to thrive
In this temporary world

Because my treasure rests in heaven
A place it will never rot away
No one can touch this wealth that I've found
Yet it's the wise I daily confound

I know nothing but Jesus Christ
And it's foolishness I preach
It's foolishness I live
And it's foolishness I teach

For only when I die
Can I truly live
Only when I've lost everything
Can I truly give

My life, my everything
Is dependent on Him
Jesus Christ, be my guide
So this race I will win

Because temptation can so easily come my way
But I focus on you and everything else fades away
Into the oblivion of material worth

I don't give a care to anything but new birth
In you, sweet Jesus, my King, my God
I welcome your ways, your blessings, and yes, even your rod

Because eternity is at hand
And I can't go on living like any normal man

So like the birds of the air
Like the flowers of the field
I surrender everything to Jesus Christ
He's the Onething I can run to to be truly fulfilled.