Monday, February 23, 2009

Is this hope?

I’ve grown akin to listening to NPR (National Public Radio) every now and again as I drive from here to there. Today, on my way home from work, I tuned in to a conversation regarding Marty Gras, the celebration so many will partake in tomorrow night.

As the discussion progressed, a simple statement made a huge impression in my mind. A man from Mobile, AL conveyed what his city will look like tomorrow. And as the description came to an end, he expressed hope for that those carousing on Tuesday. “Hopefully they will find themselves in a church on Wednesday, or at least not indulge themselves as horribly until next year’s celebrations.”

“Yes, they can carouse all night long and then go to church, or sober up a bit until next year and everything will be ok. Just as long as they’re good most of the time, they have hope.”


But yet that is the thought process so many people grab hold to as what will get them by. But it’s a false sense of hope that we can’t cater to. We must let the truth be known – that only through the blood of Jesus Christ can any one of us ever become righteous. It isn’t a simple prayer that we pray, and some Sundays spent in a church. Rather, it’s a commitment to follow Jesus – every moment of every day; listening to His guidance for our lives. He’ll change us as we get to know Him better and surrender our ways for His (Isaiah 55).

Just a small glimpse into such a big conversation that could be had on this topic. If you'd like to discuss more details, feel free to connect with me.

But I'm convinced - true hope must be told – will you share it?